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Little Wolf & Cherry Blossom


Oh my god. Cardcaptor Sakura the sealed card movie was a huge feels fest. I’m crying. I was NOT expecting it to be that much of a feels fest.

But I’m glad syaoran’s (sp?) feelings were still there even after sakura sealed the hope card.

I just got done watching leave it kero (the one that’s after the movie) that was the best way to get over the feels I had. I also love the ending song xD

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CC Sakura by Re


CC Sakura by Re

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Imagine your OTP is playing a board game, but Person A is about to lose. To prevent this Person A jumps on top of Person B and kisses them. You decide what happens next. 


For littlewolf-cherryblossom !!! Thanks for requesting, friend!! :D I personally like the lineless(? it still has lines, but….) so I added both!
I’m still taking requests for this palette challenge!
In case you didn’t know, this character here is from my CCS AU ask blog!

Thank you! He looks amazing and you made my day!!!

me rn i swear


Imagine your OTP on their honeymoon. Imagine how obvious it is to anyone that sees them that they’re deeply in love

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picspam meme [9/24] - cardcaptor sakura + hugging
picspam meme [9/24] - cardcaptor sakura + hugging

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