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Looking at Sakura and Shaoran like



さらり、ふわり | 音色

SyaoSaku screaming each other's names in despair

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I went back and looked at some photos from 2010 and BOY has my craftsmanship improved! The picture on the left was a store bought costume that I wore to my very first convention (A-kon 21 Dallas). I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun remaking a costume as I did with this one. And it just gets me even more excited knowing I will be entering it in the Animefest 2014 walk-on competition! I’ll put up my Afest schedule on here because I don’t think I’ve done that yet. SO MANY PHOTO SHOOTS PLANNED GULP
Also I am feeling MUCH better thank you all for the messages! ;v; 


Ayyyy Sakura when Yukito visits your house he doesn’t come to make you go Hanyan he’s there to hook up with your bro.

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Sakura’s costumes - 2/3